Lentibulariaceae - Utricularia


Utricularia alpina

Utricularia alpina is one of the species, which you can cultivate under cool conditions. Nighttemperature of 5 dgr. Celsius do well for the plant!

Utricularia reniformis

Utricularia reniformis is also a 'cool' specie, which is growing on the Tepuis in Venezuela. You should try to cultivate it in a Bromelia!

Utricularia vulgaris

Utricularia quelchii

One of the most beautiful Bladderworth from South America. You should cultivate this specie in pure peat and under cool conditions.

Utricularia bremii

One of the most rare Utricularia in Europe is  Utricularia bremii. There is only one  sure location in Germany where you can find this specie. The specie is rarely flowering and I believe this is the first published photo of this specie!

Utricularia dichitoma, one of the more easy cultivating species. Use only peat and sand.


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