Pitcherplants in Borneo - Mount Silam


Mount Silam, with nearly 800 meter altitude one of the lower montains in Sabah. But it's nearness to the sea forms climatic conditions like montains with over 2000 meter. You can find mossy forest near the top with species like Nepenthes tentaculata and Nepenthes stenophylla. Near the roadside are a lot of N. macrovulgaris and N. reinwardtiana plants. The soil of the montain is ultrabasic.

Nepenthes macrovulgaris

This specie is endemic to Mt. Silam at the southcoast of Sabah. Along the roadside you can find plenty of seedlings growing in stony soil - ultrabasic (rich of magnesia) 


Nepenthes macrovulgaris, upper pitcher. This specie is foming short shoots like N. ampullaria, lower pitchers and funnel shaped upper pitchers, climbing in the trees.

The green form of Nepenthes reinwardtiana. On Mt. Silam you can find also hybrids between N.macrovulgaris and N. reinwardtiana.

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