Pinguicula longifolia ssp reichenbachiana

This specie is growing in the central Apuani Alps in Italy at an altitude of 1100 meter.


Pinguicula grandiflora

Pinguicula moranensis

Pinguicula alpina

This specie is growing in the limestone-alps above 2000 meter. This type has a big yellow spot.

Pinguicula leptoceras

Pinguicula leptoceras is located in the caentral alps above 1800 meter. You will find it over silicat rocks besides brooklets, in the same area where the Apollo-butterfy can be find.

Pinguicula vulgaris

Pinguicula vulgaris is one of the most common species in the northern Alps and the middle montains of Germany. The size of the plants is quite different: I measured plants 3 cm in diam. in 1000 meter altitude and at other places realy giant forms, 15 cm wide rosetts. The flower is near to P.leptoceras but more purple and not so much white.

The plants like wet meadows with less nutritive substance. The best soil for culture is peat/quarzsand 1:1.

Pinguicula ramosa

One of the most spectacular Pinguicula is P. ramosa from Japan. It is growing in the central montains of Japan on overhanging, vulcanic rocks. And there is a lot of water seeping over them. And the problem for culture: the water is very clean and fresh!

Pinguicula caerulea


Some Pinguicula-hybrids have beautiful flowers and are rather easy to cultivate

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