Pitcherplants in Borneo - Lowlands and submontan


Nepenthes northiana 

This pitcherplant is growing at a steep limestonehill near 'Fairy-Cave' in Sarawak. It doesn't grow direct on the wall but in thick moss on small steps of stone. There is no necessary to give limestone to the soil of cultivation. 

For cultivation it is necessary to use well drained material such as dried clay-pearls, Polystyrol, cork-pieces and peat. And the plants like shadow! 


Nepenthes faicaliana

from Gunong Mulu!  This specie is near to Nepenthes fusca and not to Nepenthes fallax (stenophylla).

Nepenthes bicalcarata

growing in swamps near Sintang/Kalimantan 

Nepenthes bicalcarata is one of the lowlandspecies, which is growing in peat-swamps. Therefore it is necessary to add much peat to the soil when you cultivate this plant. And this specie like high temperatures: up to 36 degree celsius! 

Nepenthes rafflesiana

lower pitcher (above) and upper pitcher (below) 

This specie is wide spreaded in Borneo with a lot of local types, f.e. 'elongata', 'giant' or 'nivea'. This is the orinary form which you can find along roads in Sarawak and Sabah. 

Nepenthes rafflesiana 
  near Sipitang /Sabah 

Nepenthes ampullaria

near Kuching/Sarawak 

Nepenthes ampullaria is like N.gracilis or N.mirabilis one of the common species in Borneo, Sumatra or Indonesia. The specie like dark and wet locations. The ground-pitchers are sometimes 10 cm wide and a trap for all crawling insects. In culture you should use a large pot as this specie is forming a lot of basal shoots. 

Nepenthes gracilis 

Nepenthes gracilis is growing mainly at open places in Borneo and Malayan Peninsular. The color is often quite different: dark reddish or only green. 


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