Nepenthes in culture VI

Nepenthes veitchii - types



Some Nepenthes-species are wide spreaded in Borneo or SE-Asia (f.e. N.mirabilis, N.ampullaria, N.rafflesiana). Some you can find only in Borneo (N.veitchii, N.lowii) or the Philipines or Sulawsi and some are located only on one montain (endemic - f.e. N.rajah, N. trusmadiensis).

These species, which are spreaded only in a region of an island sometimes are forming different types here f.e. Nepenthes veitchii.


N.veitchii "Bario" N.veitchii "Kelabit Highlands" N.veitchii - climbing form N.veitchii lowland form


I cultivate them all under the same conditions: in the lowland-greenhouse with high day-temperatures (up to 38 deg.C) and warm nights (18-25 deg. C). The soil is almoust the same: Seramis, pine-bark, charcoal, peat and quarz-sand.


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