Nepenthes in culture II




Nepenthes masoalensis 

Nepenthes masoalensis is one of the two species which you can find in Madagascar. I cultivate this plant under the same conditions as Nepenthes madagascariensis: rather warm and not too wet. This plant like a sunny place under the roof of the greenhouse. 

Nepenthes gracllima from Genting Highlands in Malaysia; this specie ist similar to Nepenthes ramispina.



Nepenthes eymai = N.infundibuliformis = maxima

lower pitcher

upper pitcher

I have two types of the specie, named Nepenthes eymai (desribed by Kurata) or N.infundibulifomis (named by Turnbull and Middleton). Both species are different but rather closed to N. maxima. The one type has more rounded ground-pitchers, the other one (on the photo) has more elongated ground-pitchers. But both species have the same, extreme funnel shaped upper pitchers. 

I cannot see a difference to Nepenthes maxima: the lid has the same shape, there is a thorn at the top and a glandular crest near the base of the lid, ect. 


Nepenthes clipeata

Nepenthes clipeata is sure one of the most interessting species of pitcherplants: the leafe-appex, the tendril and the whole plant. The location is a wonder: a very big, granite stone in the flat landscape near Sintang/Kalimatan. And this stone is 800 meters high! And there is only one way up to the summit, like the Tepuis in Venezuela.

Former this plant grew at a steep rock near this trail, but a big fire destroyed the the whole vegetation there. Now this specie seems to be died out at this rock.

Here in Germany are a few plants of N.clipeata, some male and some female ones! The only hope is to get them flowered together and to get a health population invitro.

And the other hope is that the government of Indonesia will close this montain for climbers!

Nepenthes tentaculata 

lower pitcher, from G.Trusmadi 



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