One of the most beautiful sundew-flowers: Drosera menziesii




Drosera cuneifolia 'undulata'

This Sundew is one of the most spectacular Drosera with rosetts over 10cm in diam., sometimes with 1meter long roots! Therefore you have to use a deep pot for cultivation. The soil should be a mix of 1:1 peat and quarzsand.



Drosera cistiflora

One of the most beautiful sundews is Drosera cistiflora. It's flower is more than 4 cm in diameter and red, yellow, white or lilac with a black center.

In my greenhouse the plant is growing from oktober to april in very wet conditions. During summer I keep it rather dry, watering only a little bit for the remaining roots.







Drosera liniflora, near to Drosera cistiflora, but not so spectacular large flowers


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